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Schnucks is a departmental store where you will be able to find all your daily life items. Starting from bakery items, dairy products, floral, frozen food, Groceries, Liquor, Meat, Pharmacy products, salad bar and much more. Schnucks hours also offers with services like ATM, Wireless services, Coinmax Location and more.

Schnucks Store Holiday Hours

So if you are thinking about visiting your nearest Schnucks Store but you are not aware of timing when they are open and closed then you landed on the correct page. Here you will be able to get all the information about the special events when you can find the Schnucks store open and when you can find it closed. You can also get the timing for all the weekdays and weekends opening and closing time.

All About Schnucks Supermarket:

The Schnucks supermarket was first established on 1939 in St. Louis, Missouri United States. Their products include Groceries like a bakery, frozen food, floral, meat, seafood and all other daily usable things.

This is a single Supermarket where you will be able to find even Pharmacy, liquor shop and even avail different services. Schnucks is a privately owned market place where you can visit every single day for all the products and services that you want to avail.

So let us have a look at the Schnucks hours when you can find Schnucks open.

Holidays List When Schnucks Hours is Open

New Year’s Day
Monday, 1 January
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
Monday, 15 January
Valentine’s Day
Wednesday, 14 February
Presidents Day
Monday, 19 February
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday February 3rd to as late as March 9th (Varies)
St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, 17 March
Tax Day Tuesday, 17 April
Good Friday
Friday, 30 March
Easter Sunday
Sunday, 1 April
Easter Monday  Monday, 2 April
Cinco de Mayo  Saturday, 5 May
Mother’s Day  Sunday, 13 May
 Memorial Day  Monday, 28 May
 Father’s Day  Sunday, 17 June
 Independence Day  Wednesday,4 July
 Labor Day  Monday, 4 September
 Columbus Day  Monday, 9 October
Tuesday, 31 October
 Veterans Day  Saturday, 11 November
 Thanksgiving Day  Tuesday, 15 August
 Black Friday  Friday, 24 November
 Christmas Eve  Sunday, 24 December
 New Year’s Eve  Sunday, 31 December

Schnucks Holiday Hours Close

Christmas Day

So these are the list of Holidays then you will still be able to visit Schnucks and find them open. So go ahead and visit the store during the Schnucks hours now and buy what you need to.

Do note that, these list of Holidays may vary from place to place and also from which country you are going to visit. So it is highly recommended that you visit your nearest Schnucks store to confirm their Holidays list. Except that, if you are visiting the official Schnucks store then you will be able to find Schnucks closed on only 1 single day i.e., on Christmas Day.


Pharmacy station in Schnucks will be open throughout the whole year even in an account of Christmas day.

Weekdays and Weekends Working Time of Schnucks

Schnucks is available for all the visitor throughout the whole year, 24X7 and all around the year. So, it is most obvious that you would find Schnucks open every single day.

Days Time
Sunday Open for 24 hours
Monday Open for 24 hours
Tuesday Open for 24 hours
Wednesday Open for 24 hours
Thursday Open for 24 hours
Friday Open for 24 hours
Saturday  Open for 24 hours

As you can see that Schnucks is open for the whole days all around the week but it is recommended that you visit your nearest Schnucks Store to confirm their holidays and everyday opening and closing time.

Nearby Location:

Except for the Schnucks hours and Schnucks working hours, you can also refer to their official site for Weekly Ad, Coupons, programs and other related stuff that you want to know about hand forth before visiting Schnucks super market.


Schnucks also offer with daily $5 and $10 offer of the day which you can see about on their official site. So click on the link below to visit their official site.

Schnucks Official Site:

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